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NWA Central States
"Hostile Intentions"

Saturday, February 4th, 2005

National Guard Armory
200 Iowa
Lawrence, Kansas 

NWA Kansas Title Match:
Champion Mark Sterling
"Wild" Wade Chism
#4 in a Best of Seven Series:
PayDay Patterson with special partner Delerious
Michael Strider with a special mystery partner

NWA Kansas Title Match:

Tony Morales
6 Man Tag Team Match:
Mason Hunter, Derek Stone, & Tyler Cook
w/ Ginger Gordon
#1 Brett Young, Hype Gotti, and Jeremy Wyatt
w/ Steve Girthy
"Showtime" Darrien Sanders
Paul Diamond


NWA Central States
"Into the Abyss"

Saturday, November 12, 2005

National Guard Armory
200 Iowa
Lawrence, Kansas 

In their NWA-CSW debuts, Paul Diamond defeated “Champagne” Tony Morales in an imppressive match

#1 Brett Young defeated Tyler Cook w/ Ginger Gordon

Jaysin Strife beat the returning Ice-Man

Best of Seven #2 Submission Match: Project Aggression’s Michael Strider went over PayDay Patterson

NWA Kansas Title #1 Contenders Match: Derek Stone defeated “Specialist” Mason Hunter

Jeremy Wyatt w/ Steve Girthy defeated “Showtime” Darrien Sanders. After the match Girthy challenged Sanders to a Girthy Gauntlet Match wherein if Sanders defeats both Jeremy Wyatt and "Wild" Wade Chism (Heavyweight Champion of the Harley Race owned World League Wrestling out of Missourri) he would be guaranteed 5 minutes in the ring with Girthy

Anything Goes No Disqualification Match for the NWA Kansas Title: NWA Missouri Champion Abyss w/ Spookshow vs. NWA Kansas Champion Mark Sterling w/ Ginger Gordon ended in a No Contest after 2 referees were knocked out and there was confusion over their conflicting decisions when they came to. Afterwards, Abyss brought out the thumbtacks which were only teased during the match and delivered the black hole slam to Sterling on them.  This brought out CSW owner Joe McDonald who fired both Abyss & Spookshow, only to have Sterling ask for one more match with the monster Abyss. A Ladder Match was set up for December 17th's "Deal with the Steel II" between Sterling and Abyss but only after Spookshow insisted that the only title on the line would be Sterling's NWA Kansas Title and not the NWA Missourri championship held by Abyss.


NWA Central States
"Beauty & The Beast"

Friday, Oct. 7, 2005

National Guard Armory
200 Iowa
Lawrence, Kansas 

Abyss w/ Spookshow defeated (in his first match) Tyler Cook w/ Mark Sterling and Ginger Gordon f
or the NWA Missouri Heavyweight Championship!

Project Aggression's
Michael Strider w/ Superstar Steve Fender def. PayDay Patterson

Jaysin Strife def. "Rebel" Jeremy Wyatt w/ Steve Girthy

"Wild" Wade Chism w/ Steve Girthy def. "Showtime" Darrien Sanders

#1 Brett Young def. Ace Steel
Project Aggression's
Superstar Steve Fender w/ Michael Strider def. "Specialist" Mason Hunter
NWA Kansas Champion Mark Sterling w/ Ginger Gordon def. Abyss w/ Spookshow by DQ to retain the title


"Hot August Fights"
Friday, August 26th 2005
Doors open at 7:30pm Belltime @ 8:00pm
The Community Building
115 W 11th St (the corner of 11th and Mass St)
Lawrence, Kansas

Fans! Please note that this is a Friday night show with a 8pm belltime!

Main Event
For the NWA World Heavyweight Championship!
Raven vs. Michael Strider

NWA: Kansas State Championship
Mark Sterling w/ Ginger Gordon vs. Krow

Making his return to ACTIVE wrestling!
Mason Hunter will meet a member of Project Aggression to be named.

# 1 Brett Young vs. Jaysin Strife

Darrien Sanders vs. Jeremy Wyatt

Online tickets available now. Tickets will be available at the Love Garden located at 936 1/2 Massachusetts and at the Royal Crest Lanes Bowling Alley located at 933 Iowa on Monday August 15th. All tickets except kids are $15.00 the day of the show. No refunds or exchanges, CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE! More info:


NWA Central States Wrestling

Saturday, July 30th

Lawrence, KS

Community Building

- "Nightmare" Nick Tyson def. "Irish Luchador" Billy McNeil with a Ki Krusher after help from Jeremy Wyatt. CJ McManus came out to make the save for Billy, then superkicked him and renounced the crowd fro not appreciating him

- "Wild" Wade Chism def. "Showtime" Darrien Sanders after Sanders'manager, Steve Girthy, turned on him and hit him with a chair

- Commissioner Mason Hunter interviewed Payday Patterson, but was interrupted by Michael Strider and Steve Fender, who attacked Payday and tried to damage his already-injured leg.

- Dingo def. "Slim Sexy" Sean Vincent with a Dingo Driver followed by a Dingosault

- "Hard Knox" Ryan Ash def. "#1" Brett Young by submission with an armbar. Ash attacked referee Tyler Cook after the match. Mark Sterling made the save and offered to train Tyler to wrestle so he could get his revenge

- "Krow" Craig Keesman def. Jeremy Wyatt and Jaysin Strife in a three-way dance. Strife was eliminated after Joe Mack attacked him. Krow then pinned Wyatt with a frog splash

- NWA Kansas Champion Mark Sterling def. "Superstar" Steve Fender with a tombstone piledriver. Ryan Ash came out and stole Sterling's title belt again

- Sabu vs. Michael Strider went to a DQ when Steve Fender attacked Sabu. The match saw Sabu take out a spike and jab Strider multiple times in the head. Mason Hunter made the save and ran off Strider and Steve after the match




>>>  Sat., February 12: NWA-MRW - "Freezing Point"
Location:  Lawrence, KS - Natl. Guard Armory
Time:  7pm Bell (Doors open at 6:30pm)
Admission:  $12 General/ $15 Golden Circle
Details:  NWA Central States Title Match: Champion Derek Stone vs. "Showtime" Darrien Sanders w/ Girthy ... J. Caster vs. Kory Twist w/ Shriek ... Billy McNeil vs. PayDay ... Mark Sterling vs. Joey Mack ... Dingo Machete vs. Nick Tyson ... Card subject to change ... More Info: Click Here


>>>  Sat., January 8: NWA-MRW
Location:  Lawrence, KS - Natl. Guard Armory
Details:  PayDay defeated Billy McNeil ... Nick Tyson beat #1 Brett Young ... Michael Strider defeated Dingo ... "Showtime" Darrien Sanders w/ Steve Girthy & Joey Mack defeated "Mr. Dynamic" Mark Sterling ... Kory Twist w/ Shriek deated J. Caster ... Main Event NWA Central States Title Match:  NWA Kansas Champion Griz defeated NWA Central States Champion Derek Stone by DQ

>>>  August 28: MRW
Location:  Lawrence, KS - National Guard Armory
Time:  7pm Bell (Doors open at 6:30pm)
Admission:  $12 General/ $15 Golden Circle
Details:   Renegade Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match:  Mason Hunter w/ Shriek vs. J. Caster .... CJ McManus vs. PayDay ... More info: Click Here

>>>  July 24: MRW
Location:  Lenexa, KS - Amos Family Center
Results:    Brett Young defeated Super Electro ... Riot defeated G-Pump ... Three Way Dance:  CJ McManus defeated "Showtime" Darrien Sanders & PayDay ... Ryan Ash defeated Mark Sterling by submission ... Michael Strider defeated Jack Adonis ... J. Caster and Mason Hunter ended in a double count out
More Detailed Results: Click Here

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